TEPPIES Brokerage Event

On 29 September 2016, a brokerage event-jointly organized by Textile ETP and the Consumer Goods Cross ETP-will take place at Leopold Hotel, in Brussels.

European Commission Representatives will share with audience key recommendations for textile research in HORIZON 2020 and will present the relevant NMP & FoF topics. These incluse:

  1. NMBP-22-2017 Business models and industrial strategies supporting novel supply chains for innovative product-services
  2. FOF-06-2017 New product functionalities through advanced surface manufacturing processes for mass production
  3. FOF-10-2017 New technologies and life cycle management for reconfigurable and reusable customised products
  4. Other NMBP/PILOTS and FoF topics
  5. CIRC-01-2017 Systemic, eco-innovative approaches for the circular economy: large-scale demonstration projects
  6. Innosup-01-2017 Cluster facilitated projects for new industrial value chain
  7. SME-related and any other relevant H2020 call topics

Dedicated sessions have been foreseen to discuss project ideas to present for the incoming calls.

The event will then conclude with the introduction of Funding of Consumer Goods Innovation through COSME and the presentation of the Consumer Goods cross-ETP.

The full programme is available in PDF format here

Wearables in Focus

The upcoming H2020 LEIT ICT Work Programme 2016-2017 will include a call for Internet of Things Large Scale Pilots – six pilots will be considered:

  1. Smart living environments for ageing well
  2. Smart Farming and Food Security
  3. Wearables for smart ecosystems
  4. Reference zones in EU cities
  5. Autonomous vehicles in a connected environment
  6. Water management for resilient cities

A brokerage workshop has been organised by EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration, in order to coordinate and organise EPoSS participation in the IoT Pilots, as well as link EPoSS members, as representatives of the supply side, with representatives of the demand side in order for successful consortium building.

ConXEPT was invited to take part in the Workshop, in the context of inter-ETP cooperation, with a focus on the third Pilot, and will therefore be present in London for the event, foreseen for 26 June 2016.

The EPoSS Brokerage Workshop on IoT Large Scale Pilots is co-organised by EPoSS and KTN UK.

More information are available on the EPoSS website.

Happy Feet

The SoHealthy Project, the first European and Mediterranean Research Network on Healthy Feet, has recently released its Strategic Research Agenda, containing main research priorities for the footcare industry for the forthcoming years.

The elaboration of the Agenda has seen the involvement of over 35 experts (including footcare professionals, researchers, industrialists and academics), who cooperated in the EU and across the Mediterranean to identify challenges, opportunities, research priorities and potential innovation in the footcare industry.

For more information on the project and the Agenda, visit www.sohealthyproject.eu

Reaching for Innovation and Growth

The First Consumer Goods Innovation Forum “Paving the Way for Future Growth”, saw Consumer Goods industry representatives and sectorial experts gathered at the Centre d’Interpretació Barcelona Wold Race, on 8th June,  in Barcelona, Spain.

The Forum, introduced by the Fourth European Platform for Sports Innovation (EPSI) Conference, allowed to strengthen connections between ConXEPT, the Consumer Good Cross ETP, and representatives from the sports world. The lively audience was welcomed by ConXEPT Executive Group Chairman, Prof. Carpanzano, who offered a detailed overview of the joint initiative by EPSI itself, the Footwear ETP and the Textile & Clothing ETP.

Forum attendees expressed their appreciation for the initiative, identifying the Cross-ETP as a point of reference and recognising its potential to foster relevant Research and Innovation across the Consumer Goods industry at European and international levels. “ConXEPT offers exciting opportunities to network beyond the single sectors, strengthening the case for all Consumer Goods industry players and offering the chance of fruitful cooperation and new collaborative research projects across the board”, said one from the crowd.

The two sessions, respectively dedicated to Industrial Innovation and Innovation Policy, lined up a diverse panel of industrial actors, institutional representatives and international experts, who shared their direct experience in emerging areas of innovation, as well as examining current policies at various levels and their complementarities to support innovation for the Consumer Goods industry as a whole.

During the first session, themes such as the use of advanced digital services in fashion, the development of new materials for extra performances, consumer co-creation and the potential of the shared economy, as well as design-based innovation were illustrated with concrete examples from industry. “The sports sector – suggested Mr. Businaro, President of both the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) and Assosport, the Italian National Association of Sport Equipment Producers – in creating the instruments for the most extraordinary performances by sportspeople, is a fantastic vehicle for innovation and the advancement of technology. Competition is high, on both tracks and markets, and the human is at the centre of our attention”. A similar attitude was expressed by the other speakers: whether by direct involvement of consumers through co-creation and customisation or with careful scrutiny to enhance safety and comfort for workers, human needs are at the centre of technology developments across many fields.

In the course of the second session, the focus shifted to innovation policy and, most specifically, to available instruments to support much needed technology R&D at European, but also national and regional levels, with the presence of hosting Catalan and Spanish institutional representatives. The European Commission representative, Mr. Cardoso (DG GROWTH), informed the audience about key objectives pursued by EU policies. Mr. Cardoso stressed how crucial it is to maintain and bring back manufacturing companies in Europe, by promoting and fostering their competitiveness. “Innovation is mandatory, and its support is especially relevant for SMEs, which make up large shares of the Consumer Goods industry.” Spreading and sharing knowledge about tools and instruments available to companies is, nowadays, fundamental, especially considering the general resistance to innovate. Various examples of such tools were presented by national and regional speakers.

Finally, the Forum offered a valuable opportunity for cross-sectoral exchange and networking with stakeholders from Consumer Goods sector, inspiring future new collaboration.

Paving the Way for Future Growth

Delegates from all over Europe convene at the Barcelona World Race, Barcelona, Spain, on 8th June 2015 for the First Consumer Goods Innovation Forum, dedicated to Research and Innovation in this key area of the European Industry.

The event, Paving the Way for Future Growth, is organised by the Consumer Goods Cross-ETP, ConXEPT and looks at innovation in Consumer Goods from two complementary standpoints:

  • from the Industrial Innovation point of view, exploring emerging trends and new approaches across many Consumer Goods-related areas, such as the use of advanced digital services, new materials for extra performances, consumer co-creation, the shared economy and design-based innovation in a range of diverse sectors such as fashion, personal protection equipment or sports.
    Industry champions share their experiences and success stories, and show how it is done!
  • for the Innovation Policy point of view, a panel illustrates how Research and Innovation Policies can support these key activities at all levels, from the European, through the national and regional levels. Representatives from the European Commission and from Public Authorities of the hosting Country (Spain) and Region (Catalonia), as well as experts from Switzerland and France will engage in a public exchange to discuss opportunities offered by public policies and how the various policy instruments are designed to boost R&I and ultimately growth and jobs in a sector composed largely by SMEs.

The event is introduced by the Fourth European Platform for Sports Innovation Conference, dedicated to Sports Innovation in the City, with its rich programme and large attendance of industry actors from a wide share EU countries, offering a valuable opportunity for cross-sectoral exchange and networking with stakeholders from other Consumer Goods sectors.