Wearables in Focus

The upcoming H2020 LEIT ICT Work Programme 2016-2017 will include a call for Internet of Things Large Scale Pilots – six pilots will be considered:

  1. Smart living environments for ageing well
  2. Smart Farming and Food Security
  3. Wearables for smart ecosystems
  4. Reference zones in EU cities
  5. Autonomous vehicles in a connected environment
  6. Water management for resilient cities

A brokerage workshop has been organised by EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration, in order to coordinate and organise EPoSS participation in the IoT Pilots, as well as link EPoSS members, as representatives of the supply side, with representatives of the demand side in order for successful consortium building.

ConXEPT was invited to take part in the Workshop, in the context of inter-ETP cooperation, with a focus on the third Pilot, and will therefore be present in London for the event, foreseen for 26 June 2016.

The EPoSS Brokerage Workshop on IoT Large Scale Pilots is co-organised by EPoSS and KTN UK.

More information are available on the EPoSS website.

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