Paving the Way for Future Growth

Delegates from all over Europe convene at the Barcelona World Race, Barcelona, Spain, on 8th June 2015 for the First Consumer Goods Innovation Forum, dedicated to Research and Innovation in this key area of the European Industry.

The event, Paving the Way for Future Growth, is organised by the Consumer Goods Cross-ETP, ConXEPT and looks at innovation in Consumer Goods from two complementary standpoints:

  • from the Industrial Innovation point of view, exploring emerging trends and new approaches across many Consumer Goods-related areas, such as the use of advanced digital services, new materials for extra performances, consumer co-creation, the shared economy and design-based innovation in a range of diverse sectors such as fashion, personal protection equipment or sports.
    Industry champions share their experiences and success stories, and show how it is done!
  • for the Innovation Policy point of view, a panel illustrates how Research and Innovation Policies can support these key activities at all levels, from the European, through the national and regional levels. Representatives from the European Commission and from Public Authorities of the hosting Country (Spain) and Region (Catalonia), as well as experts from Switzerland and France will engage in a public exchange to discuss opportunities offered by public policies and how the various policy instruments are designed to boost R&I and ultimately growth and jobs in a sector composed largely by SMEs.

The event is introduced by the Fourth European Platform for Sports Innovation Conference, dedicated to Sports Innovation in the City, with its rich programme and large attendance of industry actors from a wide share EU countries, offering a valuable opportunity for cross-sectoral exchange and networking with stakeholders from other Consumer Goods sectors.

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